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A continuación se muestra un formulario breve para recopilar su información básica. Para completar esto, necesitará su información de contacto, su información médica (como el nombre de los medicamentos y las alergias) y una copia de ambos lados de su tarjeta de seguro médico (si tiene un seguro que planea usar).
Recopilamos esta información para poder comunicarnos con usted con la información más precisa posible.
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Would you like to schedule a consultation prior to the vasectomy, or just schedule the vasectomy?
Vasectomy Scheduling--you have the option of waiting until after the consultation to schedule your vasectomy, or scheduling now. If you schedule now, you'll put down a $120 deposit. This is refundable until 2 weeks prior to the appointment.
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for example, lisinopril, 20 mg
for example, one tablet twice daily

Medication Allergies

You have the option of having a medication (one tablet of lorazepam is generally used) prescribed to help you relax prior to the procedure. This is not generally recommended; it’s only recommended for guys who are VERY nervous. Would you like to use this? *

Preferred pharmacy details

We'll need the exact name and address (street number, street name, city, and zip code). We can't use "King Soopers at 30th and Arapahoe". You'll need to give us King Soopers Pharmacy, 1650 30th St, Boulder, CO 80301.
Have you fainted with medical procedures?
Do you have a history of genital or urinary conditions? *
Please mark any you've had, explain something else OR "No genital or urinary conditions for me"
Are you in a long term relationship? *
Please check here if you have Rocky Mountain Health Plans (RMHP) insurance (Not RMHP Medicaid/Health First Colorado, PRIME, Accountable Care Collaborative).
This is an 11 digit number on your insurance card. If yours has a dash, don't enter that.
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After choosing a location, you'll see available dates and times. If you'd like to see possible dates at other locations, you can change the location above.

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