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No-scalpel Vasectomy

Hey what do you mean, a vasectomy without a scalpel?  Don’t you need to open the skin? Well yes, but here’s how it works. 

All vasectomies work by interrupting the two vas deferens (the tubes carrying the sperm) just above the testicles, as in the picture to the right.

Using the old-fashioned (with scalpel) vasectomy, the skin of the scrotum is cut open and a one inch incision is made, and then the tissue is dissected (cut away) to find the vas deferens.  

When No-scalpel vasectomy is done, the vas deferens is brought to the surface, just below the skin. A special “ring forcep” is used to hold the vas in place under the skin. Then, a pointed forcep is used to puncture the skin, then open the skin by pushing tissue to the sides. It causes much less bleeding and tissue damage then using a scalpel to open the skin and underlying tissue. The vas is then exposed just under the skin. It is brought out of the skin and cut.

No-needle Anesthesia

Instead of using a needle and syringe to inject numbing medication, No-needle anesthesia uses a specialized instrument to create a high power spray over the skin and vas to anesthetize (numb) the area.  If additional anesthetic is needed after this initial spray, it may be injected, but there’s no pain with that, since the area is already partially numbed.



Total Price: Our charge is a total of $885 for the consultation and procedure. We do not normally have a visit following the procedure in order to do the semen analysis. Instead, we recommend a home semen analysis that you purchase for $60 (we’ll give you details at the time of the procedure). 

Deposit: In order to confirm a procedure appointment date and time, you will place a $120 deposit and the balance ($765) will be due at the time of the procedure. You will receive a refund of your deposit if you cancel or reschedule more than 2 weeks prior to your procedure.  

Trailheads clinic members receive a discounted total price of $795. We will verify your membership at the time of the procedure. 


Rocky Mountain Health Plans (commercial version, usually obtained from your employer, not Medicaid, Medicaid Prime, Health First Colorado, etc.): We will bill your RMHP insurance. If you have RMHP, we’ll ask you to submit your Member ID and a copy of your insurance card when you request an appointment. If we confirm that you are eligible, we’ll tell you how you’ll pay and how much RMHP will pay.

Other insurances:  If you have insurance, you likely have a deductible, and here’s how it works:

Following the procedure,  we will give you paperwork to submit to your insurance so that the insurance company”allowed charge” is applied to your deductible.  This is usually $450 for vasectomy and $120 for a consultation or $570 in total. So, you’ll pay a total of $885 and $570 will be applied to your out of network deductible. If you have already spent your deductible (or your deductible is less than $570), then you can submit the paperwork to insurance to request reimbursement.

If you HAVE met your deductible, then you will send the paperwork we give you after the procedure to your insurance company.  They should reimburse you the amount that they pay for the procedure, usually $450-$550.

Sorry, we can’t be sure your insurance will work this way. Please speak to your insurance company in advance to verify their policy. Advise them the procedure code is 55250 and that this is being done as an OUTPATIENT procedure.  Tell them our Tax ID number is 87-1513347 and the procedure will be done by Dr Christopher Tonozzi at Pro Vasectomy.

Medicaid (Health First Colorado, Rocky Mountain Health Plans PRIME or RAE): Not accepted at this time. 


Day of procedure: Following the procedure, take it very easy on the couch, bed or recliner. Relax! Take acetaminophen or ibuprofen for pain. 

Day following the procedure: You may walk and drive as much as you like, but no sports, yard work, swimming, or heavy lifting. If your job is sedentary (office work or supervisor), you may return to work.

Second day following the procedure: You may return to to more strenuous work and exercise. When the discomfort is resolved, you can return to normal  activity and exercise.  This is generally within 3-4 days.

Use your compression briefs full time for the first 2 days and for the first week if you’re doing strenuous exercise.

Resume sex when you’re pain free. 

Showering:  It’s OK to shower anytime, but don’t soak in water (bath, pool, hot tub) for the first 2 days.

Is this reversible?

It’s best to consider vasectomy permanent and if you’re not as sure as possible, consider another form of contraception. There is surgery to reverse vasectomy, but it is not always effective, and it is expensive.  Sperm banking is a consideration if you’re not sure you are ready for something permanent. There is a bank in Boulder County (Cryogam) and other banks are arranging samples to be picked up from home or mailed.  

About Dr. Tonozzi

Dr. Tonozzi has been a practicing family physician for 25 years and doing vasectomies all of that time. He has an active practice treating patients of all ages and all sorts of medical problems, but he has special interest in providing vasectomy. He is performing more than 20 vasectomies per month, more than any other physician in Western Colorado. 

In his spare time you’ll find him enjoying time with his family in the outdoors, biking, skiing or running rivers.

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