Welcome! This is the correct place to be if you’ve had your pre-procedure consultation with Dr. Tonozzi and you’d like to make an appointment and put down a $120 deposit for your no-needle, no-scalpel vasectomy.  The deposit is refundable until 2 weeks prior to the vasectomy.  

You will receive a meeting invite by email that gives you the date and time of your appointment. 

We will send you a reminder when we’re approaching the 2 week mark, after which the deposit is non-refundable, and we will send you a reminder a week in advance with information on preparing for the procedure.  We will provide a receipt after the procedure.  

You’ll pay the balance of what you owe at the time of the procedure. We take cash or credit card.  If you have questions about insurance or the pricing please see the section on pricing on here: LEARN MORE

 Please contact us by text, email, or our contact form if there are questions.


Patient information

Deposit payment

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Vasectomy Scheduling

Choose a date and time for your procedure below, based on location. The deposit is refunded if you cancel or change your appointment at least 2 weeks in advance. Note that you can change the preferred location if you want to look at dates for other locations.
Preferred Location for Vasectomy

Consent for Procedure