When it’s time for vasectomy, experience counts

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Dr Chris Tonozzi has 25 years experience providing No-scalpel Vasectomy

Now in Grand Junction and Glenwood Springs

It’s never been easier
  • Convenient hours

  • No-scalpel technique

  • No-needle anesthesia

  • Reasonable pricing

We’ll have you back to 100% in no time


25 years experience with no-Scalpel vasectomy


Schedule at your convenience, including Saturdays. Locations in Glenwood Springs and Grand Junction


We use the no-scalpel technique and no needle anesthesia

Men free from worry
Women free from birth control
Years of experience

Dr. Tonozzi is friendly, knowledgeable and professional with excellent staff and bedside manner. I’ve never felt like I was in better hands than while under his care, which is crucial for a procedure that makes people as nervous as vasectomy. 10/10, highly recommended.

Steven A.
Another satisfied customer

The Process

  • Request an appointment and we’ll schedule your pre-procedure consultation
  • The pre-procedure consultation lasts 20-30 minutes and can be by web video meeting or an in-person meeting at the office
  • During the pre-visit consultation, we’ll discuss lots more about the procedure, how to prepare, and how to take care of yourself afterwards. We’ll schedule the procedure
  • Procedure day! Don’t worry, you’ll say afterwards, “That wasn’t anything!”
  • Plan 1-2 days of rest after the procedure. After that, you’ll progress to normal activity over the next 5-6 days. You’ll be back to normal activity one week after the procedure

The Place

Find us in Grand Junction at Trailhead Clinics

And in Glenwood Springs we are in the Valley Professional Building

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